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“I believe the Creator of all gave his creation the ability to create, and that fascinates, humbles, and inspires me.”

Whatever the medium, Maile has impressed people with her originality and artistic aptitude since she was young.  She began drawing as soon as she could maneuver a pencil, started singing and recording at five, and at fifteen was realistically rendering humans and objects.  She took up the guitar and began writing songs soon after.  Her visual art then took a backseat as she focused on songwriting and performing.  At the age of 25 she began composing digitally.  At 27 she started focusing on photography, learning digital design software, and pursuing freelance graphic design.  A few years later she was writing, directing, acting in, filming, and editing original short films.  Throughout her artistic evolution, Maile has remained true to her faith and philosophies on life and art.  She continues to create in various mediums, and is at her best when she is able to be a part of a large-scale production that utilizes her various talents simultaneously.

An artist, inventor, and songwriter, Maile thanks her father for the talents and abilities he instilled in her before his death.  Maile thanks her mother, “The Woman With A Golden Touch,” for her love and encouragement and for nurturing her artistic abilities.  Maile’s husband has been an inspiration, steadfast support, and faithful musical collaborator.  Maile’s gratitude and love for this man know no bounds.  She thanks God for all he has blessed her with and for all those who have encouraged her in the pursuit of her dreams.

“I am devoted to my creative passions and dreams, and strive to never stop growing personally or artistically.  I am excited for what the future holds!”

Green Bar for WordPress

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