Fall Festival Season

Aloha Friends!

I will be at Bob’s Corn & Pumpkin Farm for the fourth year in an a row!  Come visit me for a festive face paint every weekend 11-5 through the end of October!  

An Out-of-This-World Belly Paint

Aloha Friends!

Just wanted to share my most recent belly piece and apologize for being MIA.  I am still taking gigs, and would love to hear from you!  I am currently living in an area with poor cell service, however, so if you would like to book me, please email me at my business email address as opposed to texting or calling.  I hope you all are having a beautiful spring!  Let’s hear it for new life!

“Live BRIGHT!”

IMG_4328 copy

Phoenix Rising

Aloha Friends!  This is a recent back piece I did for a friend attending a masquerade ball.  My Summer schedule is starting to fill up.  It’s never too early to hire me for your upcoming event!  Have a colorful day!


Maile Does Disney

I couldn’t help myself. LOL! Still have a couple more to add. When I was 12 I wanted to be a Disney animator, but when I was 14 I spent the whole Summer in front of the TV, tape recorder in hand, memorizing the songs and female lead dialogue to The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast. I would record the show then record myself and back and forth so it sounded like I was the character. Ah childhood dreams. Walt Disney and his creations will always have a place in my heart. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! 


Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Aloha Friends!  I’m back for the third year in a row at Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Patch, http://www.bobscorn.com!  Visit me Sundays between 11-5 to make your body painting dreams come true!  I look forward to seeing you and your family.  Happy Fall!!!

I’ve Started a Blog 

Aloha Friends!I’ve started blogging! The website is http://www.soulscribes.com. My hope is that it will become a community to artists and people searching for inspiration, who desire to nurture wonder, creativity, and love in their life and the lives of those around them. I will be blogging primarily on lifestyle and the arts, and will have tid-bits of written and visual inspiration and motivation as well. Eventually I may have vlogs via YouTube to incorporate from time to time. My hope is to have guest bloggers periodically, and eventually, as the community grows, to do in-person meet ups ranging from open mics to helping those in need in the community. Ultimately, I hope to garner enough interest to hold annual retreats and workshops where people can connect, create, inspire, and be inspired. Please visit and follow the website and spread the word! Life is short, so let’s live it well, together. Commune. Create. Wonder. Shine.

Click on the link below to view my first blog post.

First Blog Post

My Son

Introducing my son, Kai Archer Sundquist!  It has been a crazy, sleepless, busy, amazing time since Kai was born.  We had a medical scare last week, but he is back to his adorable self now, thank God!  Being a parent is quite an adventure!  I will be taking a few more gigs this year and then will re-start with force next year.  Remember it’s never too early to book my services.  Hope you are all wonderful!  Have a colorful day!

Where the heART is

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